About Us
Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable Industrial Co.,LTD
Founded in 1995, Roxtex soon became a National High-tech Enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of wires and cables with the reputation for quality and service. It is located at the Bao'an high-tech industrial park, Shenzhen, with the plant area of 35,000 square meters, covering production from plastic to wires and cables.
As a well recognized manufacturer, Roxtex effectively improved its product quality and service through its self-sufficiency production model.
Advanced Production
High product reputation is the result of remarkable production capabilities. The Production Department is equipped with advanced machines of more than a hundred, mainly including imported twin-screw plastic machines, automatic annealing and drawing machines, American automatic high-speed braiders, and the automatic product line for outer diameter with laser detectors etc. This automatic standardized production process leads to highly accurate and effective delivery.
Superior Quality
Insist on Strict Quality Control As Always
Cores and shielding of all products are made by wires of tinned copper or bare copper only and recycled plastics would never be used. The cross-sectional area of conductor, and the length of products are guaranteed.
The Quality Control Department is equipped with advanced testers for mechanical and electrical performance, including the FLUKE tester, the radio-frequency network analyzer, the tensile tester etc., guaranteeing product quality.